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10 Items You Must Have In Your Doggie First Aid Kit

Whether you are traveling with your pet dog or simply taking a trip to the local park, there is a possibility of injury, illness and other problems that need prompt attention. A responsible dog owner always brings along a doggie first-aid kit.

Include the following:

1 – A waterproof card with the phone numbers of your regular veterinarian and an emergency vet in the local area. This is especially important if you are in an unfamiliar area far away from home.

2 – Information about your dog’s disorders, if any, such as diabetes and proof of vaccination against rabies etc.

3 – Include a sturdy nylon leash, collar with identification tags and a muzzle or straps to secure the dog in case of injury. Dogs in distress may bite even if they are usually sweet.

4 – Materials to clean, disinfect and cover wounds and insect stings and bites are also needed. Bring absorbent, non-stick gauze pads, cotton balls and paper towels or soft cloths.

5 – If your dog receives an injury, bite or staying that breaks the skin, you need antiseptic solutions in the first-aid kit. Ointments, sprays, and medicated pads are available.

6 – For wrapping a wound gauze rolls and medical tape can work, but may be uncomfortable if stuck to the fur. A roll of self-cling bandage will stretch and adhere to itself to cover a wound.

7 – All tools needed to cut bandages, remove splinters and insects should be included: a pair of small scissors, needle-nose tweezers and a magnifying glass.

8 – Always include non-latex disposable gloves. Larger antiseptic wipes, soap and a bottle of water can reduce the chance of infection.

9 – Styptic pencils or powder can be purchased at pet stores. These are used to stop bleeding quickly.

10 – Bring your pets regular medications. Have a ready source of sugar for diabetic dogs, over-the-counter preparations for diarrhea, Pedialyte or Gatorade to rehydrate and Benadryl to be used under the advice of a veterinarian in case of allergic reaction.