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Canine Enrichment and Activity

Dog jumping over an obstacle in canine enrichment

Enrichment is a customizable program for dogs not eligible to play with other dogs, dogs who get overwhelmed in large groups of other dogs, or those who need more mental and physical stimulation than group play can provide in a Dog Daycare or Dog Boarding setting.

At Citizen Canine, we have a designated enrichment yard for dogs to stimulate their minds and bodies. Equipment includes K9 Klimbs, "Fungility " (ramps, hurdles, weave poles), obstacle course(s), an array of food puzzles and more.

Our enrichment program is designed to work a dog’s mind, body and senses. The program instills positive behaviors and good manners through games including balance work, scent games, food puzzles, training games, puppy socialization, and more!

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Benefits of Citizen Canine's Enrichment Program for Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding

  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Concentration
  • Reduces boredom–related behavior problems
  • Increases intelligence and problem-solving skills
  • Protects against cognitive decline and dementia in senior dogs
  • Weight loss in heavier dogs
  • Builds Social skills for puppies

Enrichment activities can be added to any daycare or overnight stay. Every week our team will focus on different activities. Watch for the weekly calendar and your dog can try something new!

dog going through an obstacle course

Canine Enrichment - Frequently Asked Questions