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3 Ideas For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

More and more pet parents today are starting to realize that their dog feels the heat just as much as they do. This applies not just to certain breeds that are known to feel the heat more intensely (like Great Danes) but across the canine board. Luckily there are a number of things you can do to ease your pet’s summer discomfort. Here are three tips you can try today.

Tip #1: Cool down with booties, a vest or a cooling collar.
Dog booties are a great new invention to protect the sensitive pads on your dog’s feet when the ground gets really scorching hot. These booties are made in sizes to accommodate large, medium and small dogs and are easy to put on and take off.

You can also pair the booties with a cooling collar or vest for your pup. There are many different types of cooling collars and vests you can try, including those that use ice and water to keep your dog cool.

Tip #2: Time your outdoor excursions wisely.
One surefire way to know it is too hot to take your dog out for a walk or run is if you walk outdoors and head right back inside! If you don’t want to be out, your pet probably doesn’t either.

Not only does it make good heat-sense to head out in early morning or around sunset for the coolest temperatures, but it also helps keep you and your pooch from getting sunburned.

Tip #3: Bring lots of water.
Dehydration is a killer for any age and any species. Here again, if you notice you are thirsty, chances are your pet is thirsty too. Be sure to keep plenty of water on hand for any outdoor activities. When the water runs out it’s time to go home.

With these tips, you and your dog can enjoy summer safely.