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3 Tips for Finding A Great Doggie Day Care

Here at Citizen Canine, we understand that leaving your dog is one of the hardest things in the world, even if your separation is only temporary. That’s why we want you to find a pet boarding service that makes you feel completely relaxed and at ease with your choice. For peace of mind while you and your pooch are apart, here are three tips for picking a top-notch doggie day care.

1: Meet The Staff

You don’t want to leave your precious baby in the arms of people who won’t love him just as much as you do. Before you hand over the leash, have a heart-to-heart with staff members, kennel cleaners and on-site veterinarians. Gauge their level of happiness and commitment to their charges. See how they interact with the dogs that are already there.

2: Review The Services

Look for businesses that offer more than just beds. For example, Citizen Canine is in the business of obedience training, so if you’re looking for quality dog training in Oakland, we can teach your pooch to sit, stand, roll over and slobber enthusiastically in your presence. Oh wait, he does that already!

3: Tour The Building

Take a walkthrough of the day care’s facilities to get a general idea of where your dog will be living while you’re gone. You’ll want to see things like clean floors, fluffy pillows and open-air spaces that allow for movement and freedom. An outdoor yard is absolutely essential; your dog will need room to room. A great toy collection is another plus!

You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your dog as long as you’re passing him into good hands. Whether you’re looking for overnight accommodation, afternoon socializing or dog training in Oakland, we here at Citizen Canine would love the chance to meet your furriest and more faithful friend. Bring him in today to say hello!