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3 Tips For Preparing Your Dog For Overnight Boarding

When going out of town, many pet owners are hesitant about leaving their canine home alone, which can lead to anxiety, boredom, and even loneliness for the dog. Instead, many people are learning the many benefits for dog boarding in Oakland, which makes it easy to have proper care for the animal and ensure that they’re in good company. There are many ways to prepare your pet for overnight boarding to ensure that they’re comfortable and enjoy their stay with a professional staff.

1. Go for a Walk

By taking your dog on a walk before heading out of town, it will ensure that your dog is relieved of all of its energy while also getting quality time together as a pet and owner. This will make it easier to prevent the dog from having a high amount of energy when arriving at your dog boarding facility in Oakland.

2. Give it a Bone

By giving your canine a bone before heading off to overnight boarding, it will help the dog relax and calm any nerves it may experience when leaving the property. It will also work as a treat that they can enjoy, which will allow it to feel loved and appreciated. A bone is a great way to keep a dog occupied for several hours, which will also make it easy for you to pack and complete any last-minute tasks before heading out of town.

3. Pack a Pet Bag

Just as you’d pack a bag for yourself when leaving home, it’s also important to do the same for your dog. Pack a bag of their favorite toys, a security blanket, or even a brush to ensure that your pet has its favorite belongings, which will help it to feel more comforted and secure while away.