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3 Tips For Soothing Your Dog During A Thunderstorm

No one really knows why some canines cower at the crack of thunder and others seem totally unconcerned. Some possible reasons may include hearing loss, natural temperament, past abuse or neglect and other factors. But luckily, savvy dog owners and researchers have identified a number of strategies to soothe frazzled dogs when a storm erupts again.

Tip #1: Moderate your own behavior during the storm.
If your dog sees you jump or scream or speak in a worried tone of voice, you can bet that your beloved pet will make the connection between his or her fear and yours and conclude there is a good reason to be scared.

One thing dogs do especially well is “read” their people, including your body language, the expression on your face, your tone of voice and how you interact with others. Staying calm, acting like nothing different is happening and speaking in soothing tones will convey to your pet that all is well.

Tip #2: Try out a Thundershirt.
Swaddling is now known to be a source of comfort for human and animal babies alike. As well, even adults (of either species) can sure feel the comfort of a warm hug when stress is high. A Thundershirt is like a close-fitting blanket that wraps right around your dog’s body. The warmth of the material and the close fit can ease anxiety during storms.

Tip #3: Use Pavlov’s insights to change your dog’s mind.
Pavlov proved that animals can be taught to exhibit certain behaviors on cue. So if you all of a sudden break out the dog treats or a favorite play toy, there is a good chance your dog will start to tolerate thunderstorms – or even look forward to them.

By trying these three tips, you can help your beloved dog find a new way to cope with the inevitable storms in life.