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5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Adopting A Dog

If you are a Bay Area resident considering adopting a dog, there are 5 important questions you should be asking yourself in order to enjoy making the integration of a new pet into your life satisfying and successful for both parties. The first important question that deserves an honest answer is, am I ready to commit to all of the responsibilities that come with dog ownership?

Dogs must be taken care of on a daily basis, no matter how busy your schedule is, and they require food, grooming, exercise and play as part of that care. Veterinary visits and quality doggie day care such as that provided by Citizen Canine when you are away are all part of the responsibility of dog ownership. The second important question is, how does every member of my family feel about bringing a dog into our lives? Having even one family member who is not in agreement with the decision to adopt a pet can create stress for both owner and dog and make pet ownership a less than successful experience.

The third important question to ask yourself before bringing a dog into your life is, am I willing to change my current lifestyle in order to help my dog fit into my schedule as a valued member of the family. A dog will be completely dependent upon you for companionship, good health and well-being, and must be fed and exercised at regular times, not just when you can squeeze in a few minutes here and there.

The fourth key question before adopting a dog is, what personality and energy level am I seeking in a canine companion? Some dogs are laid back couch potatoes that make a perfect match for less active individuals while other dogs are high-energy pals who always want to be included in the center of the action. The last important question prior to adopting a dog is, can I provide a safe, calm place for exercise and daily walks, either in my backyard or elsewhere in the neighborhood? Ask the experts at Citizen Canine on how we can help provide adventure hikes, doggie day care and overnight boarding for your dog when business or social commitments require your presence and you need quality help in caring for your dog.