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5 Important Things To Remember When Caring for Senior Dogs

As your furry friend enters the golden years, the need for specialized care increases. Senior dogs undergo physical and mental changes that impact their quality of life. While it may seem like a challenge to sat on top of everything you need to know, we have simplified the basics in these 5 easy tips.

1. Get frequent health checkups.

The American Veterinary Medical Association ranks bi-annual examinations as one of the single most important things to can do to protect your senior dog. Why? Depending on the breed and size of your dog, the risk of organ failure increases around age 7. Many health problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, if detected early.

2. do not leave senior dogs alone for long periods of time.

The muscles of the bladder and bowel become weaker, leading to incontinence. Older dogs also tend to drink more water, and kidney function may be less than optimal. They need frequent potty breaks. If you work long hours, consider dog daycare in Oakland as a viable solution.

3. Watch what they eat.

Nutrition becomes an issue because a senior dogs digestive tract becomes less efficient at extracting nutrients. Look for food that has been formulated especially for seniors. In general, these foods have fewer calories and higher quality ingredients.

4. Stimulate their mind.

Cognitive ability also declines during the senior years, with some elder dogs developing dementia. While these conditions are not completely preventable, it does help to keep your older friend mentally busy. Enrolling in dog daycare in Oakland can help with keeping them mentally active.

5. Think before cutting back on physical activity.

Ample opportunity for exercise is ideal, if your dog isn’t suffering from an arthritic condition. Group play at dog daycare in Oakland is a great idea for encouraging moderate exercise, provided your pet is grouped with others of similar age and temperament.