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5 Lessons Learned from Dog Sitting

5 Lessons Learned from Dog Sitting

1- Dogs like to sleep on pillows. Especially yours.
In spending so much time with people, dogs will start thinking they are human enough to sleep in the bed. And sit on the couch. It is not uncommon to find a dog sprawled on the bed with his head right in the middle of the pillow.

2- When you’re not there, the dogs just sleep all day.
You may be afraid of leaving a new dog home alone with your canine companion of three years, because they wrestle and nearly destroy furniture when they play together. However, once you come home, you’re more likely to find them sleeping on the sofa together with no signs of destruction.

3- Dogs think all of your food looks tasty.
While you’re eating, dogs will probably stare at you the whole time. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating tomatoes, bread, candy, chips or rice, they will wish it were in their mouths. A lot of dogs will even eat cat food if they get a chance, so keep the cat’s food where only the cat can get to it.

4- Dogs will follow you wherever you go.
Even if all you’re doing is walking from the couch to the coffee maker, pouring yourself a cup, then going back to the couch and sitting down, a dog will follow you. Whatever room you’re in is the one that the dogs want to be in, too.

5- Dogs can distinguish between their owners’ car entering the driveway and another car entering the driveway.
When a dog’s owner comes home, they know. The dog will run straight to the front door, no matter what he is occupied with. The dog can even be asleep and suddenly run to the door when their owner comes home. If you hear a car pull up to the driveway, and the dog doesn’t move, you know it’s someone else.