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5 Oakland Restaurants with Outdoor Patios to Dine with Your Dog

Many Oakland eateries understand a dog appreciates the aroma of good food. They couldn’t let dogs indoors, but allowed them on outdoor patios. Thankfully, a bill signed by the governor has remedied the situation. Come the New Year, your pooch will be able to join you outside a restaurant without its owners getting cited.

In celebration of this great news, here are five outstanding venues where you and your dog will get excellent dog daycare in Oakland without a hassle. All deserve to be here because they’ve always supported our pets. Time to return the favor.

  1. Barlago
    If your dog has a liking for robust Italian, let them eat while you take in the comfortably heated outdoor patio. Enjoy cocktails and house-made pasta, or take in the view of Lake Merritt. But, really, you’re here for the dog, right?
  2. Homeroom
    Homeroom is famous for passing out treats and H2O not just to dogs at the tables, but to any passing dog and pet owner. Bacon on the side is a popular order for the canines. And while doggies munch away, owners take in the establishment’s specialty: Mac’n’Cheese a la yummy.
  3. Toast Kitchen + Bar
    Toast always has dogs sprawled across its patio. They keep heaters and fluffy throws for colder days. While dog enjoys the best dog daycare in Oakland like treats and water, owners get to nibble on spicy pork meatballs and a nice glass of vino.
  4. Haven Oakland
    Staff are dog owners and lovers. In fact, pets join staff in the office and can be found on the patio during hectic work hours. So it’s no surprise Haven embraces owners and their dogs. We can’t imagine that lawn nearby is a coincidence.
  5. Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café
    Dog friendly support is one of Rudy’s ideals to being an eatery for everyone. The menu is filled with classic American diner eats and if you had a long, hard Oakland night, get up late and still come in for a nice breakfast.