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5 Ordinances To Remember When Walking Your Dog In San Francisco

San Francisco is a mecca for animal lovers, especially when it comes to dogs. However, in order to prevent potential problems or accidents, the city has enacted several ordinances regarding your dog, especially when taking them out for a walk.


While many owners teach their dogs to stay close when off leash, not all dogs are predictable, especially when around other dogs. In order to prevent potential issues San Francisco introduced Sec. 41.12 of the city’s health code requiring that whenever off your own personal property, a dog must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet in length.


Your dog going to the bathroom is often an unavoidable circumstance while on a walk. Sec. 40 of the health code requires that you remove and dispose properly of any feces produced by your dog. Sec. 40c clarifies this requirement further by stating that you must also always carry some form of container or instrument to remove the feces, even if your dog has not yet gone to the bathroom.


If the dog you’re walking is over four months of age, it’s important to pay attention to Sec. 41.18 which requires all dogs over this age to have their rabies vaccinations. This is also a requirement before the city will license your dog.


All dogs over four months of age must be licensed, making it essential to get your dog licensed before taking them on a walk, according to Sec. 41.15. Licenses must also be renewed at least 30 days before they expire, and are available in San Francisco in one, two or three year increments.


While on a walk with your dog, you cannot leave the dog unattended for any reason, according to Sec. 41.12.1. This includes dog parks or any other fenced area designated by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission as an off-leash animal exercise area.