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5 Reasons Big Dogs Are Awesome

There are approximately 90 breeds of the domestic dog that are considered “Large” or “Extra Large”. These include well-known and loved dog breeds like the German Shepherd and Great Dane, as well as lesser known large breeds like the Kuvasz and Briard. Big dogs might require just a little bit more muscle and room, but they are so worth the extra effort. Here are just five reasons that big dogs are the best!

1. You can do more with a big dog.
Have you ever seen a toy breed do more than walk from it’s food bowl to it’s bed? With a big dog, you can go outside, throw a frisbee or ball, and get some serious exercise. A big dog can run and jump and catch that frisbee for hours.

2. Looks
Big dog breeds are all incredibly beautiful. Not as many small dog breeds can say that. Look at the classic beauty of a German Shepherd, or the elegance of an Afghan Hound. Big dogs are handsome and garner complements everywhere they go.

3. Big dogs are adventure dogs.
If you always wanted an outdoor adventure buddy, then a big dog is the way to go! You can literally go on a backpacking trip with a big dog, and have them carry their own food – as well as some of yours. And they will be happy to do it! A dog with a job is the happiest, especially if its going on an adventure with you. And you can feel that much safer in the great outdoors, with your big loyal dog by your side.

4. Purpose
Big dogs were bred with purpose – they have characteristics that make them exceptionally loyal and hard-working, and in many cases, very intelligent and adaptive learners. Smaller breeds and toy dogs were not bred with these characteristics in mind, so if you want a dog that is indeed big in heart and mind, go with a bigger breed, and take the time to have a dog training session – and you’ll have the perfect big dog on your hands.

5. Temperament
Big dogs are much calmer in character than their smaller counterparts. Most big breeds are either in the AKC groups of herding, hunting, or working – which makes them receptive to human direction, and much more willing to behave. This makes them exceptionally receptive to dog training.

Big dogs are great for so many reasons, and while small breeds are great in their own ways, big dogs are simply AWESOME.