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5 Safety Tips for your Beach Loving Pup!

When it’s time to hit the beach, many dog owners love bringing along their four-legged friend for adventure hikes. However, they often fail to think about the hazards associated with spending a day on the sand. To make sure the day is filled with fun times and great memories, here are several useful tips to keep in mind.

First is to make sure your dog stays hydrated. The general rule is an ounce of water daily for each pound your pooch weighs, so a 10 pound dog would need 10 ounces of water daily, with bigger dogs needing more. But while on the beach under a hot sun, this needs to be increased. If your dog looks hot and thirsty, be sure to have enough water and a dish on hand for them.

Guard against the danger of heat stroke in your dog. If your dog starts panting heavily, has trouble breathing or vomits take precautions and move it into a cool area or building. If possible, taking it to a vet for an examination is strongly recommended.

Make sure they don’t get sunburned by applying sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher to their ears, nose, stomach and other areas that may be exposed to the sun. If they get a sunburn, dip them in cool water with baking soda and then apply aloe vera to soothe the burned skin.

Look out for fleas and ticks getting on your dog. Fleas and ticks love warm places like beaches, so applying a flea and tick treatment prior to these adventure hikes can save everyone lots of itching later on.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog at all times. Make sure someone doesn’t try to make your dog theirs, so have it wear a collar with an identification tag at all times. By following these tips, a day at the beach will be fun for everyone.