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5 Signs To Watch Out For To Ensure You Have A Healthy Dog!

A healthy dog exudes energy and enthusiasm. For most pet owners, this is the natural attitude of their canine companion. Still, owners should always be aware of their pet’s activities and be alert for signs of health problems. Obviously, dogs that are not feeling well should not be taken to dog boarding.

Pep and Vigor

Most dogs would rather run than walk. Dogs that have a sudden change in their level of activity may be ill. This should not be mistaken for the dog’s natural aging which occurs over a longer period of time. Most owners know their dogs well enough that even a slight change in activity level is noticeable. Major changes in activity and play may indicate more severe health problems and should prompt veterinarian care if the problem persists.

Scratching and Tugging

An itch now and again is natural but sudden intense scratching could be the sign of a skin infection. In addition, dogs that nip at their own sides may be having some stomach trouble. If the itch is so intense that it disrupts play it may be a problem.

Dull Eyes

The saying “the eyes are the window to the soul” applies to dogs as well. Most dogs at play have a sparkle and brightness to their eyes. When that is gone it’s time to check the animal’s health.


Dogs can suffer sprains of joints and muscle strains. These types of injuries can affect the animal’s gate resulting in a limp. Usual treatment involves limiting the dog’s movement while the injuries heal although series problems may require veterinarian treatment.


An injury or pain can affect the dog’s demeanor. A dog in pain can snap at its owner or other people especially if they try to handle the dog which might cause additional pain. Any owner who suspects their dog is not feeling well should handle the animal with care and limit its exposure to other people.