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5 Things To Pack When On A Road Trip With Your Dog

If you have a dog and want to keep it excited on a trip, you should know what to pack. While true, it’s easy to over pack and waste space. But, you don’t want to forget the right items. With this in mind, here are five items to pack with a dog while on a road trip.

Big water bottle: Think about it, if you are in a car, you are going to get thirsty. For this reason, you should know that your dog will get thirsty, and you should be a big bottle of water for it. Then, when you pull over, you can give your dog some water. Remember, if you go to dog daycare, they will get plenty of water.

Ball: With a ball or other fetch toy, you can entertain your dog on a road trip. Yes, if your dog is bored of sitting in the pack, you can bring some fun to their life if you bring a ball and play fetch later.

Identification: Whether you go to dog daycare or not, o should put an ID badge on the dog. Yes, if you are far from home, you don’t want to lose your dog, and you should go out of your way this doesn’t happen.

Bowls: Also with water, you should bring a big bowl for your dog. Then, you can feed it with ease. Not only that, you will have an easier time giving your pooch water.

Medicine: IF you forget medicine, you are in for a problem. Not only that, it’s not easy to find new medicine while on the road. For this reason, if your dog takes any medications, bring all of it with you while you are on your road trip.

If you have a dog and want to keep it happy, you should remember these five items. If you bring them along, your dog will be more comfortable and have more fun.