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5 Things Your Trained Dog Can Teach Your Child

Everyone who has a dog needs to ensure that the dog receives proper training, but dogs have things they can teach us, too. Children can learn many important lessons from a well-trained dog. The experts at Citizen Canine offer dog training in Oakland, plus such services as boarding and day care. Visit their website at for more information. They can show you the valuable things that your trained dog can teach your child, such as:

1. Communication

Dogs primarily use body language to communicate. They are not born understanding human speech, but they can learn many words. Similarly, your child can learn that dogs speak to others through their actions and expressions. This enhanced, two-way communication encourages very strong bonds between child and dog.

2. Confidence

Everyone knows that dogs are magnets, attracting attention from friends and strangers alike. A well behaved dog is the perfect conversation starter, giving your child a chance to speak to others about his or her cherished family member. A dog that is well socialized and confident around people can help your child become confident as well.

3. Exercise is Fun

Both dogs and kids love to play, and playing together can be very rewarding. A dog that is leash trained is fun to take for walks, and one that knows not to jump up or roughhouse too aggressively can participate in fabulous, spontaneous play sessions.

4. Importance of Relationships

Most dogs will put up with a lot from kids, but eventually even the most forgiving soul will get tired of being teased or taunted. Your child can learn to nurture important relationships by learning that being nice works best.

5. Learning is Good

A good education is as important for dogs as for kids. Your child will see that a trained dog is readily accepted by society. For more information on dog training in Oakland, see