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5 Tips For Finding A Good Doggie Daycare

Finding and choosing a dog daycare in Oakland that fits your need and the needs of your dog can be daunting but there are several simple things you can do to determine the best facility for your loved one.

1) Ask your vet

Your vet can keep you dog in good health but a veterinarian is also a valuable resource. Vets can recommend good quality care and steer you well clear of places with less than desirable reputations.

2) Research

Don’t be afraid to call around to the dog daycares in Oakland and ask for specifics about facilities, programs, and pricing. Websites are good sources of information but talking with a person can garner further pertinent information that was omitted from the website.

3) Tour The Daycare

Once a daycare has been found that seems a good fit, visit the building and ask for a tour. Keep mental notes on the cleanliness of the facility, how staff interacts with the animals present, and how much space there is in play areas and holding rooms. Cramped spacing, overcrowding, and impatient staff are deal breakers.

4) Ask Questions

Ask questions during your tour. Ask about policies, emergency procedures, staff training, the daycare’s philosophy, and what your dog’s daily routine would be if they were to attend this program.

5) Trial Run

If you’ve decided on a daycare, bring your dog in for a trial visit to determine if your dog will adjust appropriately to the environment. This a new situation for your pet. Some may do well, others need a period of adjustment, but there are some that cannot be in this type of setting due to any number of factors. Test your dog and the program out before a full commitment.