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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Sun This Summer

Keeping your furry friend safe in the sun is a topic on every dog owner’s mind when the weather turns hot. You might feel anxious leaving your pup at a dog daycare in Oakland where he’ll be roasting during the long summer days. Whether you’re boarding your dog here at Citizen Canine or just hanging out at home, there are a few simple safety tips that will help your pooch stay comfortable.

1. Slather on the Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for humans. Dogs with light skin are more susceptible to burns, and using a mild sunblock can do wonders for protecting their sensitive belly. If your pup’s snout is pink, make sure to put ample sunscreen on and around his nose, as this area is especially susceptible to burns.

2. Select the Right Kind of Sunblock

Zinc oxide is a chemical contained in certain sunscreens that is toxic to pets. All-natural sunscreens work best for dogs, as do sunscreens made for children. These tend to have less harsh chemicals and a lower chance of creating an allergic reaction.

3. Allow Your Pup to Rest in a Shady Area

Some dogs love to sunbathe, but if your pooch has been laying in direct sunlight for hours, he’s sure to get scorched. At Citizen Canine, we take our doggy boarders on Adventure Hikes that give them the opportunity to stay on the move through grassy fields and shady forests.

4. Consider Using Protective Clothing

Some pups need a little extra protection. Lightweight vests made especially for dogs are a great option for keeping your furry friend protected from the sun’s rays.

5. Check Out Your Doggy Daycare Before You Board

If you’re bringing your pooch to a dog daycare in Oakland, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Let the staff know your dog is extra sensitive to sun and ask how long he’ll be kept outside in direct sunlight. By following these simple steps, your dog will stay happy and comfortable during every sunny day this summer.