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5 Tips To “Puppy Proof” Your House

Bringing home a sweet little puppy is a joy for the family, and you don’t want this experience to turn harrowing. Therefore, you need to follow some safety tips to enjoy that your puppy remains happy and healthy.

1. Assume your puppy will chew.
Not all puppies chew, but a number of them do. As a result, you must make sure you aren’t leaving little pieces of anything out on the floor. Watch for socks, tissues, small stuffed animals and other objects that could present choking hazards.

2. Choose appropriate toys.
You shouldn’t just go to the pet store and pick up whatever is in the puppy aisle; you need to research the toys to make sure they are actually safe for your little one. Consider hidden dangers as well. A squeaky ball inside of a toy or a small ball can quickly turn into a choking hazard; pieces of rawhide can splinter off and cut your puppy’s mouth or insides.

3. Watch for electrical outlets.
Make sure that the wires are safe because your puppy might try to choose on them. You can look into fashionable boxes for storing such units. Also, you should consider plug covers so that your puppy can stick paws into the outlets. Just make sure the covers are sturdy and don’t fall out; otherwise, they can become choking hazards.

4. Protect your puppy from falls.
Eventually, your dog will likely go up and down the stairs with ease. For now, however, remain cautious of the stairwells. Put up baby gates. You can also use these gates to block off parts of the house that are dangerous for your pup, such as the unfinished basement.

5. Prevent climbing accidents.
You’ll need to think like a puppy. Consider areas where your puppy might try to climb. A climb could lead to a serious fall.

Speaking with your vet and dog trainer is also a smart idea to get some more valuable safety tips.