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5 Tips We Keep in Mind When Hiking with Your Dog

While there are plenty of dog walkers in Oakland, not many of them will take your pet on a wild adventure through nature. Citizen Canine’s Adventure Hikes give your pooch an exciting time with other dogs and a highly-trained professional dog walker.

The following five tips are how we keep your dog safe and happy on the trail.

1. Know the dogs.

Dogs cant tell us when they’re tired, scared, or injured, so as responsible pet owners, its our job to interpret our pets body language and understand their behavior.

The staff at Citizen Canine are highly skilled in dog care, training, and socialization. Before the hike, they will get to know the personalities of the dogs and make sure that each pet is obedient, calm around other dogs, and well-behaved on and off leash.

On the hike, staff can tell when a dog is acting aggressive, frightened, or worn out, and they know how to deal with each situation.

2. Go prepared.

Anytime you travel outdoors with pets, there’s always a chance that someone will get lost or hurt, so its critical to be prepared before setting off.

Hike leaders will ensure that every dog has up-to-date vaccinations, flea and tick guards, and a clean bill of health from the vet. Our qualified staff will also take necessary safety equipment, including leashes, dog bowls, first aid kits, and the phone numbers of owners and veterinarians.

3. Take plenty of food and water.

Roaming the fields and forests is tiring work. Whenever you go hiking with your dog, don’t forget plenty of food and water. Our hike leaders are trained to recognize when the dogs are hungry or thirsty, and they’ll keep your pet well-hydrated so that he or she can stay healthy and energized.

4. Respect the surroundings.

Before going on a hike, its important to make sure that your route is dog-friendly and safe.

Our hike leaders have scouted the East Bay Regional Parks to find the best areas for canine Adventure Hikes. Dogs can go off-leash and enjoy the natural beauty of the parks. They will also pick up waste and ensure that the surroundings remain as untouched as possible as a courtesy to other hikers.

5. Stay safe.

Safety should be the number one concern of anyone hiking with a dog. Hike leaders are trained in canine First Aid and CPR. They will also stay alert for wildlife, dangerous plants, and unsafe terrain.

Don’t settle for the average dog walkers in Oakland. Take your pet on a fun adventure with Citizen Canine, and keep these five tips in mind next time you’re out and about with your best friend.