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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs & Owners

If you have never thought about giving a Valentine’s Day present both a dog owner and pet can enjoy, consider the following ideas. Since most dog owners have a close relationship with their canine children, a gift on this special day will surely be appreciated. Here are 5 that will impress and please your gift recipients:

A Dog Boarding Gift Card

Any dog would love to stay at Citizen Canine. This pet hotel gives massages and rub downs, and it has a lot of fun activities dogs can engage in. Training is provided, and the staff is friendly and experienced in making dogs feel safe and comfortable while their master is away. Dog owners experience peace of mind when they know their pet is in a dog boarding facility as prestigious as Citizen Canine. Let the dog owner you know vacation without worrying about Fido.

A New Bed

Dog beds come in many styles and shapes. Some are open while others have a canopy. They come in a variety of attractive colors, and there are beds that heat up. A dog bed makes a great gift since the dog should stop sleeping in its owner’s bed on Valentine’s Day.

A New Outfit

Dogs look adorable in clothes, and jackets and sweaters keep pets warm and dry. A stylish outfit for a dog and its owner is a functional gift. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to present it.

A Toy

Dog toys fill a dog’s day with fun and activity. Exercise promotes good health. Toys that are made for chewing may stop a dog from chewing on the furniture.

Dog Treats

If you buy a dog and its owner dog treats, the owner will love this gift because the dog loves eating it. Dog treats come in flavors like beef, bacon, and chicken. Other flavors are also available.