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5 Ways Dogs Can Keep You Fit

A furry-footed friend can be more than doggie breath in the morning, kisses in the afternoon, and snores in the evening. While a dog is an irreplaceable companion, your dog can also be one of the best motivators for getting out and living an active, healthy life. Check out five ways your dog can keep you fit.

1. Walk, Walk, Walk
Dogs are in their natural habitat when they are outside. Outside is the perfect place to poop and pee, sniff intoxicating scents, and run around and play. Both small and large pooches need to be walked frequently. And if they walk, so do you.

2. Exercise Buddies
Jogging, hiking, swimming, playing fetch, and even rollerblading are all fantastic activities to do with your dog. Exercising is far more appealing when you have a wiggling, wagging dog standing by the door with the leash in his mouth.

3. Rain or Shine
When it gets dark at four p.m. and your favorite show has just been added to Netflix, getting off the couch seems like an insurmountable chore. But that wet nose pressed against your hand will not be denied, he needs to go out. Your dog will keep you active all year round.

4. Using Those Muscles
As a dog owner you will find yourself often using your arms for holding, hands for pulling, legs for bracing, and feet for chasing.

5. Training Partners
Well-behaved dogs are certainly more pleasant to be around. Not to mention easy to take out and about. Spend some time and energy training your dog – it will keep you and your pup mentally and physically fit.

Here at Citizen Canine’s dog daycare, boarding facilities, and training camps we do our best to give your dog the active lifestyle that they are used to. Whether staying at our dog daycare or at our hotel, your dog will have personal attention and be cared for by the best in the business.