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5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is important. We at Citizen Canine know this and want to help. While we offer adventure hikes, overnight pet boarding and dog daycare in Emeryville, we also want to help you care for dog when he’s at home, so check out these five ways to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

1. Kibble

Instead of giving your dog wet food all the time, try offering him kibble. The texture of the food will be less likely to give him cavities.

2. Bones

Bones are nature’s way of cleaning teeth and gums. Dogs love them, and a bone will keep a pup entertained for hours. While he’s having fun, he’ll also be removing nasty tarter from his teeth.

3. Use a Toothbrush

Most pet stores or veterinarian offices offer toothbrushes and toothpaste that are made specifically for dogs. Using chicken or beef flavored toothpaste will help your dog tolerate having his teeth brushed. Try to remember to brush your pet’s teeth at least three times per week, but you can do it as often as once per day.

4. Cleanings

When you take your dog to the veterinarian, ask about whether or not your furry friend should have his teeth cleaned. A trained vet can clean your pet’s teeth thoroughly and get the spots you may have missed.

5. Special Treats

Most people love spoiling their dog, but instead of feeding yours table scraps, go for treats that are made for dogs. There should be quite a few treats at your local store that are specifically made to help your dog with his oral health.

Whether you need a dog daycare in Emeryville or just need some tips to help keep your pet healthy, Citizen Canine can help you take good care of your pet in all the facets of his life.

5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy