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5 Ways To Save Your Dog In A House Fire

Although no one wants to contemplate the possibility of a house fire, proper preparation and planning can make the difference between tragedy and a narrow escape. You’ve probably got escape routes mapped out for yourself and your children in the event of an unexpected house fire, but what about your furry friend? Here are five ways to increase your canine companion’s chances of surviving a fire.

1. Have your dog participate in family fire drills. Fire drills are effective because they involve repetition — when a real emergency happens, both humans and animals panic less when they’ve practiced

2. Keep you pet’s identification tags and microchips up-to-date. Chances are good that your furry friend will flee in the event of a major fire, and it may become lost and confused as a result.

3. Don’t let your dog get near open flames, especially if it’s a long-haired breed. Our canine companions are naturally attracted to gas stoves and barbecues by the enticing aroma of food being cooked, and this can lead to disaster if their fur catches fire as a result of getting too close to the fire.

4. Many dogs that die in house fires are home alone when the tragedy occurs. If a fire breaks out while you and other household residents are not at home, your furry friend will be trapped inside with no way out. A good dog daycare in Alameda is a great alternative to leaving your dog home alone, and you’ll have the added reassurance that your best pal is safe and happy while you’re at work or otherwise out of the home.

5. Teach your dog to come when called no matter what. This can save a dog’s life in the confusion of an unexpected fire.

If there are times when you need to be gone overnight, dog daycare in Alameda will provide your dog with comfortable, safe overnight accommodations.