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5 Ways to Show Kindess to Dogs Everywhere

You love your dog and treat him like a member of the family. You provide the best for him, offering up walks, treats, pets, and even playtime at doggie daycare. Did you know there are easy ways to help other dogs who aren’t so fortunate in their lives? If you believe that dogs are a man’s best friend, then here are five ways to make a lot of new friends.

1. Donate your time

Consider volunteering your time at a local animal shelter. Volunteers are always needed to help walk the dogs, feed them, clean their cages, and play and socialize with them. It’s sure to be time well spent as you bond with dogs who want nothing more than your attention.

2. Donate your talents

If you pride yourself on being a responsible and loving dog owner, think about the impact that you could have by becoming a foster parent for dogs who need to be saved. Foster homes are often the last resort to give a dog chance to be adopted by their forever family. You could save dogs’ lives by teaching them the home skills that will make them ideal candidates for adoption.

3. Donate your treasure

With a donation to your local animal shelter, you can touch the lives of every animal that comes through those shelter doors. Your money can be put to use buying food, blankets, leashes, medication and vaccinations to dogs who need it the most.

4. Spearhead a project

Find a dog-related cause that matters to you, and spearhead a fundraising or collection initiative to help the cause. Organize a silent auction or a bottle drive to raise money for a shelter, host a food or blanket drive at your doggie daycare, or ignite a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

5. Work your networks

Shelters are always on the lookout for good homes to place their dogs in. Work with a local shelter or rescue organization to help promote their adoptable dogs to your network of family, friends and colleagues. Place flyers and send e-mails at the office, or post personalized stories about dogs who need homes on your social network accounts like Facebook and Instagram.