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6 Dog Walking Tips

Walking your dog is one of the most important actions you can take for his well being each day. You can make this simple task easier and more enjoyable for both of you if you do some planning ahead of time so that you can make the most of your walk time.

1 – Use the right leash for the right job – You should have a number of types for your dog’s different needs. For example, a flexible, retractable leash is good for open areas like the park where your dog can range a little further away from you. For neighborhood walking, a standard leather or nylon leash is best, to allow you to keep your dog at your side and to rein him in when other people or other dogs approach.

2 – Train your dog to use a harness – A harness fits around the dog’s chest and front legs in a way that may feel strange to him. Get him accustomed to this new way of walking in short sessions and use treats to reward him for good performance.

3 – Pack a doggie bag for long walks – If you plan on taking a long walk in the local preserve, pack a small backpack with water, a collapsible bowl, dog treats and a small towel in case of a mud splash.

4 – Spend some time teaching good walking skills – Good walking behavior doesn’t happen by accident. Teach your dog to not pull on the leash, wait at curbs and behave well when people or other dogs are passing by.

5 – Assign one spot where walking equipment is kept – Keeping your dog walking leashes, harnesses, waste bags and other equipment in one area near the dog will make your exit for the walking session easier.

6 – Tuck waste bags around for emergency use – Always keep extra waste bags on hand in the trunk of your car on tucked into jacket pockets to ensure that you can remove dog waste from the area.