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Adventures Aren’t Just for People!

Dogs have a natural and instinctive need to wander and explore, smell the air and sniff out the many critters of the world. With their noses containing twenty five times more smell receptors than humans (translating to over a thousand times better sense of smell than us), its no wonder that they stop to smell the roses– among other things– far more than we do. Can you imagine?

The Oakland area of beautiful California contains so many natural trails and parks, it was a shame that we werent utilizing them. So we thought to ourselves, “how can we give dogs a way to exercise their natural talents while also returning safe and sound to their families?” The answer was simple! Off leash dog hikes! We immediately sent our Behavior and Training staff to find the best trails the Oakland area has to offer. And we did. For the obedient yet adventurous pup, natural beauty awaits.

The average dog walk hardly contains enough stimuli to entertain the most adventurous of our canine friends. Unlike normal walks with dog walkers and sitters, off leash dog hikes provide your companions much needed stimulation– stimulation that only the great outdoors can provide. Hikes happen on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with optional pick up and drop off to homes in the Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, San Leandro and San Lorenzo areas.

All of our adventure hike leaders are certified in Pet First Aid as well as CPR. They go through an additional specialized training course developed by us. Our hike leaders are is ready to handle just about any situation our packs get into. All vaccinations and preventatives are required as well to minimize risk while enhancing leisure and fun. And with every dog in our groups determined to be obedient, social to all dogs, and comfortable riding to and from the trails in a crate in our Adventure Waggin, we are proud to say there arent many establishments that offer off leash dog hikes like Citizen Canine.