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After Reading Our List, Your Dogs Are Looking Forward To Valentine’s Day Too!

Here at Citizen Canine, we believe your four-legged best friends should benefit from the Valentine’s Day gift-giving tradition. This year, our experts have compiled a short list of extra-special products to spoil your pup:

1) These custom-made collars have your dog’s name laser-engraved right on the metal buckle, and allow you to choose from an array of brightly-colored washable cotton bands.

2)Everyone loves donuts-especially on a special day like Valentine’s Day. Now, your dog can enjoy a delicious doughy treat too!

3) Some dogs are just as fashion-conscious as people, perhaps even more so. If this sounds like your pup, he or she can rock this custom handmade “Sweetheart Be Mine” dog hat with heart detailing.

4) It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates. These sweet treats are dog-friendly and look good enough to be mistaken for human treats.

5) Being away from your best friend is hard. But with these custom photo keychains, a sweet and stylish reminder of your sweet pup can go anywhere you do.

Valentine’s Day is special, but Citizen Canine makes every day special for your dog. Our all-inclusive overnight boarding package includes private rooms equipped with elevated beds and noise-minimizing walls. The facility’s unique daycare program alternates rest and play in order to promote positive behavioral benefits.

Our canine clients can also benefit from adventure hikes through the East Bay Regional Park. This 90-minute nature experience allows the dogs to socialize with a pack while exploring atypical terrain.

Regular exercise and activities such as hiking can lessen destructive behaviors like chewing and digging, while also keeping your dog limber and healthy. In addition, group activities will build your dog’s confidence as a member of the pack, helping to reduce timid and fearful behavior.