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Alameda’s Redux To Exhibit Art By Animals

One of the most bizarre art exhibits to ever come to Alameda was the Exhibit Art by Animals that was here from September 12, 2014, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The artists were talented animals that came from the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter(FAAS). A highlight of the show was the artwork of celebrity artist LULU, who spent hours painting for this event.

Across the globe, animals doing art has been growing in popularity. The first demonstration of animals who could do art came from a British chimpanzee who showed his talents on TV during the 1950s at the London’s ICA. Since that time, lions, birds, orangutans and elephants have been painting in zoos across the world.

FAAS uses paint that is nontoxic and water-based, so it can be washed easily. For the exhibits, the dog or cat has been allowed to dunk their paws in different colors of paint and perform any act desired to create their masterpiece. Sometimes people run across a dog daycare in Oakland that does animal art, which is great for your pet.

Alameda’s Exhibit Art by Animals is displayed in their gallery for a couple weeks during the month of September. People can view the displays again at the After the Ball event that occurs October 17, 2014. After the Ball event is the biggest fundraising event for FAAS, and it will be held at the luxurious Grand Pavilion. Visitors have access to Terrence Brewer wine, beer, food, music and auction items. Tickets can be bought for $100 a piece on the FAAS website.

In today’s world, animal artists are viewed as sophisticated creators with a different perspective that can humans do not have. At some zoos and aquariums, people find art supplies offered to a vast range of species. A dog daycare in Oakland, such as Citizen Canine, that offers this enrichment can help to keep their furry friends mentally and physically stimulated.