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As They Care For Others, We Care For Them

Throughout the world dogs provide comfort to victims of crime and disasters. Faber, a Golden Retriever, works at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to provide gentle support to victims while they are interviewed by investigators and attorneys. He is one of about 40 dogs in the United States who work to help victims remain calm while telling their stories. Often victims are able to speak more openly to their canine companions than to any other therapist.

Therapy dogs have long been recognized as being able to comfort people during crisis, illness and emotional pain. They ask nothing more from us than love and they return that love tenfold. These dedicated creatures deserve the same amount of dedication from us.

Our dogs greet us with exuberance as we walk through the door after being gone for an hour. They wait eagerly for us during the day when we are off at work. Nothing makes them happier than a kind word, some affection and knowing that we are near them. Lengthy absences from you in a house alone can cause extreme anxiety and destructive behavior. Dog daycare in Alameda is offered at many locations and your companion deserves the best home away from home available. After all, it is our responsibility to care for our faithful friends as if they were part of our family as we are part of their pack.

Citizen Canine provides dog daycare in Alameda when you are at work during the day, have to travel for work or go out of town for a weekend. All of our staff are Certified Pet Care Technicians (CPCT) as well as Pet CPR and First Aid Certified. They participate in continuing education in order to fully understand dog body language, provide training and provide your companion with the best environment when they are unable to be by your side.