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Bay Area Dog Found After 3 Years Missing

As dog lovers ourselves, we at Citizen Canine know how rewarding it can to see your beloved pet again when you pick them up from dog daycare after a long day. Some days, the wait seems like it takes forever, but one Oakland family had to wait three years for the return of their canine companion, a shiba inu named Hana.

Three years ago, Hana’s owners came home from work to find their backyard gate open and their family pet gone. The owners, Ian and Yuko McNesby and their two children, mourned their loss but never gave up hope for Hana. When the distinctive looking shiba inu, a rare Japanese breed known for its pale red color and pointed ears, was found running lost around the streets of Oakland in January ’15, Hana’s embedded microchip helped to reunite her with her owners. She was returned to them healthy and happy, and the McNesby’s can’t believe their good fortune.

Even though Hana’s story was a happy one, not all missing pets are found. Tracking and identifying your pet with a microchip and ID tag helps to keep them safe and healthy. These identification methods can help with your pets’ return if they get lost or stolen. You should also avoid leaving your pup outside unsupervised for long periods of time. If you work long hours and can’t always supervise your canine pal, consider a dog daycare service that can keep them safe and keep them company while you take care of business.

At Citizen Canine we understand how worrying it can be to leave your beloved pet alone for more than even a few hours. That’s why we strive to provide your pup with a homey and high quality dog daycare environment, letting you rest easy until you and your pooch are safely reunited.