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Be Careful Out There! More Poisoned Meatballs Show Up In San Francisco

Dog owners need to be aware of a new hazard that may harm their dogs: poisoned meatballs. Not only do you need to be cautious when leaving your pup home, you also need to be careful when walking around. If you’re doing your daily tasks, you may not realize that a stranger has fed your dog a treat; likewise, leaving your pet alone at home is extremely dangerous because something may get tossed into your home or over your fence.

Poisoned meatballs or other poisoned items are sometimes handed directly to a dog — sometimes even in front of their master! Other times, the meatballs are given to the dog through a fence. These poisons can react quickly for a dog, especially a small dog. These poisons are often fatal; they may not immediately kill the dog, but they may cause health complications that necessitate euthanasia.

Dog daycare in Oakland is the best solution for those that need to leave their beloved canine companion at home. A dog daycare will ensure that your dog is kept safe throughout the day and that you don’t lose your best friend to the malicious actions of another. You cannot control what happens to your pup when you’re away at work.

You should also consider using a dog daycare in Oakland, such as Citizen Canine, if you’re busy. Leaving your dog outside while you step into a store can be just as dangerous for him or her as leaving them home alone. It only takes a few seconds for a stranger to feed your dog poison and then be gone, and this is not something that is easy to anticipate.

Dogs have, and will likely continue, to be poisoned by these malicious strangers, and the only way to keep your dog safe is to ensure that they are being watched at all times. Further, you should always discourage your dog from taking treats from anyone you don’t know. No matter how friendly they look and seem, they may be dangerous.