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Be Careful When Walking or Hiking With Your Dog – Here Is The Most Common Way Your Dog Can Suffer A Knee Injury

Age, breed, and obesity are the main factors that contribute to knee injuries in dogs. A number of purebreds are susceptible to injury. These dogs include bichon frises, German shepherds, golden and Labrador retrievers. However, there are other factors that may increase the likelihood of knee injury. Not unlike humans, dogs engaging in periodic, excessive exercise after living a predominantly sedentary lifestyle are prone to injury. When playing catch, some dogs enjoy jumping to great heights. Landing wrong may cause knee injury. Likewise, while on walks or hikes on elevated terrain, an accidental fall may lead to injury. Dogs may play too roughly with one another and injure a knee. When pets visit our dog daycare in Oakland, staff members monitor activity at all times.

The type of knee injury that dogs sustain involves the rear legs and affects the anterior cruciate ligament, which connects the femur thigh bone to the tibia of the lower leg. When a dog appears lame on a hind leg, the ACL may have ruptured or torn. Depending on the extent of the ligament damage, dogs may exhibit mild lameness to complete impairment. X-rays provide veterinarians with the information needed to make a positive diagnosis. Treatment is dependent on the extent of the injury, which may include rest immobilization, medication or surgical intervention.

The staff members at our dog daycare in Oakland, understand the need for dogs to have regular physical activity in order to maintain optimal health. Whether using our facility for doggie day car or overnight boarding, canine guests get the exercise they need based on their age, breed and degree of fitness. We provide dogs with the chance to enjoy their time spent with us via specially designed play yards, adventure hikes and agility training. We remain dedicated to the care and safety of all pets. Dog owners needing boarding, daycare facilities or training opportunities are welcome to visit us at