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Bravo Recalls Turkey and Chicken Dog Foods Over Salmonella Risk

Prevent Illness

Our dog day care in Oakland, Calif., wants to alert pet owners concerning dangers such as contaminated food. Bravo LLC, a manufacturer of pet foods headquartered in Manchester, Conn., has recalled several varieties of turkey and chicken dog foods due to possible salmonella contamination. Salmonella can make dogs or people ill with symptoms such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting as the bacteria is ingested. Pet owners are always urged to wash their hands after handling any type of dog food to avoid contracting an illness. A dog infected by salmonella can transfer the condition to other animals or humans, leading to needing emergency medical treatment.

Check Packages

Citizen Canine, our dog day care in Oakland facility suggests pet owners check packages of food to determine if it is part of the Bravo brand recall. Customers can visit the Bravo pet food site to print a product recall claim form to receive store credit or a full refund. Pet owners should wrap the dangerous contaminated food securely in trash bags before disposal. Items included in the recall include raw food varieties of turkey and chicken dog food that is kept frozen for freshness. This dog food is packaged in plastic tubes in sizes that vary from 2 to 10 pounds in balance, all natural and blend recipes.

Possible Contamination

Pet owners should visit the Bravo pet food website to learn about specific UPC numbers to determine if the item is possibly contaminated. While some of the pet food varieties have tested positive for salmonella, several are being recalled as a precaution due to being manufactured and packaged at the same time. At our dog day care in Oakland, we always want to alert pet owners concerning dangers from food or other products. Anyone interested in our overnight pet boarding, dog training and adventure hikes at Citizen Canine can contact us with a telephone call.