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Budweiser Pup Wins Over Hearts Again

There’s nothing like a puppy to soften the hearts of even the most hardened people. Puppies are not only cute and fun to play with, but they also become members of our family and we want to treat them as such. Whether you have just adopted a puppy or you have a long-established love of your older dog, having an esteemed business in mind for services such as dog daycare, training, overnight boarding, and adventure hikes is a good idea. Citizen Canine is one such business with a solid reputation in the Bay Area, and you can check out what they have to offer at

If your canine friend feels like a member of your family, then you may relate to the latest Budweiser puppy story. The Budweiser puppy is a Golden Retriever whose best friends are a family of Clydesdale horses. The story goes that the puppy regularly escapes the animal shelter that he lives in to visit the horses. When a family tries to adopt the puppy, the horses actually get involved to keep him with the Clydesdale horse family!

In the latest saga, the puppy accidentally ends up on a horse trailer that is heading to the city. He manages to escape, but then he has to deal with rain and other obstacles on his way back to the horses. When he is almost home, he is accosted by mean looking wolves, but the horses come to his rescue and bring him safely home. The Budweiser puppy melted the hearts of people everywhere.

If your puppy has melted your heart, make sure he or she gets the best of care. Citizen Canine can help with that. It offers a 5-star boarding facility run by highly trained professionals, as well as an acclaimed dog day care program where your dog will be sure to be a happy camper with all the fun activities offered.