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Can A Dog Have An Ideal Diet?

Dog owners are understandably interested in providing their pets with the best possible diet. Some people wonder if there’s a perfect diet that’s best for every dog. The fact is, however, that just as there’s no ideal diet for people, there’s not one for dogs either. The best diet will depend on many factors, such as the breed, age, overall health and even taste preferences of your pet.

As professional boarders and dog walkers, at Citizen Canine in Oakland, we are always studying the latest findings regarding canine health. When we take care of dogs, we want to give them the same consideration we would give our own dogs. That’s why we consult with veterinarians and other animal experts on topics such as the best diet for dogs.

There are all kinds of theories when it comes to diets for dogs. There are those who claim that commercial dog foods are too high in carbohydrates and non-meat fillers to be healthy. Some go as far as to feed their dogs a diet consisting of only fresh meat. Many pet owners who are dedicated to certain types of diets, such as vegetarian, raw foods or grain-free compel their dogs to follow these diets as well.

Yet there is no compelling evidence that anyone has come up with the perfect dog diet. The same, of course, can be said for human diets. We can find healthy dogs who eat all different kinds of diets. Most veterinarians will tell you that what’s important is to feed your dog a balanced diet and to make sure he or she isn’t over or underfed. Naturally, it’s also crucial that the dog has access to fresh water as well.

As dog daycare providers and dog walkers in Oakland, we will continue to research topics such as nutrition and diets for dogs. For now, however, it seems that no one has identified the ideal diet for dogs.