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Can Dogs Get Jealous?

Have you ever watched two dogs fuss over a rawhide chew toy? This simple observation and new studies seem to answer the question: can dogs get jealous? Anyone who has attempted to pet multiple dogs at the same time will give you an emphatic “Yes!” This can lead us to another question: when in someone else’s care, will this jealousy cause a problem? If we pay attention and make the right decisions we can keep ourselves and our pets happy.

Every dog needs somewhere to stay during work hours, and not everyone has the luxury of a yard. In these situations, doggie daycare can provide a solution. Pet enthusiasts that live in larger areas will have their work cut out for them. For example: when searching for a dog daycare in Oakland, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, you would have to sort through the masses to find one that suits your (and your dog’s) needs. This can be a daunting task at times; many of us see our dogs as family rather than pets, and want to make the right decisions for their well-being.

One of the most important factors to a dog’s health and happiness is mental and physical stimulation. An active dog is a more obedient dog; engaging activities help lower anxiety in high-strung dogs and will lure lazy dogs from their slumber. Hikes through woods or parks will excite almost any dog’s sense of adventure and will also expend energy so your canine will sleep like a pup again.

This becomes especially important in overnight-boarding situations. A dog is most comfortable at home, but maximizing comfort starts with interaction, reassurance, and plenty of activity. Citizen Canine stands above the rest in all these regards as the premier dog daycare in Oakland. A twenty-four hour staff will make life easy on your dog and their website ( will make life easy on you.