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Casual Dog Training

If you’re looking for a dog daycare for your furry family members, look no further than Not only is the site highly transparent and informational, but it’s enjoyable to navigate through, with pictures of adorable puppies and dogs throughout. On the website, you can schedule vacations for your canine pal or pals; Citizen Canine is conveniently located close to the Oakland International Airport, and their services include hotels, daycares and training. All of their employees are not only professional, but they’re also more than happy to work with your dog to make their stay something they’ll always remember. The people overseeing your dogs include veterinarians, trainers, sports team players, and even police officers and firefighters.

Citizen Canine’s hotels are the perfect vacation sites for your canine. Between swimming in large pools with other friendly dogs, basking in the sunlight and getting to know the other “customers”, they’re sure to enjoy their stay. At the dog daycare, your puppies are provided a perfect mixture of playtime and relaxation, making it stress-free, all while promoting good behavior. Your dogs will be given important physical, mental and social stimulation while you may be too busy to attend to those needs, and the daycare has plenty of staff members, making sure that everything is always safe and taken care of.

Best of all, your canine family will be grouped alongside other dogs of his/her personality type for the best experience. Finally, there is a fully customizeable training option for your pups; they cover the basics, -which include sit, down, recall and loose leash commands- tricks like play dead, spin, and roller; advanced tricks such as body part targeting and taking a bow; and agility training, which includes weaving through poles and jumping over bars and hoops. The especially sensitive puppies even get all the love they can handle, soothing massages, plenty of play time and creative training!