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Check Out A Day Behind The Scenes at Citizen Canine

Today’s on-the-go owner wants to find a place that their canine friend will receive all the care and attention they need. If you are a hard working professional, you can help your dog get training, play, socialization and pampering at a doggie day care. Owners in the Bay Area know that Citizen Canine provides the professional staff and services that ensures their pooch will have fun and feel at home whether for the day or an extended stay.

As a part of day care, pups need a balance of rest and play time. With the input of behavior specialists and veterinarians, the schedule at Citizen Canine blends rest and play to keep your pup happy and relaxed. Dogs are grouped into small play packs according to size, temperament and age to provide the best social structure. The staff to dog ratio is higher than any other facility in the area, so you know your special friend will receive personal attention and care. Even when the demands of your job requires long hours at work, your dog will get the social, physical and mental stimulation they require.

When you need to be away from home for an extended period of time and cannot bring your dog along on the trip, the right boarding can prevent the trauma of separation from you and your home. You want a place that provides time for play and rest. Accommodations need to be comfortable, and activities should be customized to your canine pal’s energy levels and preferences. For example, Citizen Canine has a large play area that includes toys, pools, slides and tunnels for your dog to explore and play freely. If your pooch needs extra attention, they can also get belly rubs, ear massage, t-touch massage, and one-on-one training during the day. Trained staff are on site overnight in case there are any emergency needs with the boarders.