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Dogs are a big part of our lives and part of our families, and when you need to board them or want a great daycare so they aren’t left alone all day, it’s a big decision. You want to make sure your dog is cared for by someone who will provide a lot of love, good nourishment, and a lot of time for play and stimulating activities. That’s what you’ll get when bring your best friend to Citizen Canine.

One of the features of our overnight boarding that a lot of people appreciate is that dogs aren’t left outside in an enclosure. Each one has a private, indoor room with their own bed. This makes your dog feel more secure in the new environment. There’s plenty of time to get exercise and socialize with other dogs during the day. Dogs even have pools to splash around in.

When you want your friend to have social time with other dogs while you’re working, dogs need mental stimulation, socialization, and physical exercise. The best way to provide a positive experience for your dog is to be grouped with others of the same temperament, size, and age for them to enjoy the time when they’re away from you. It makes your day go better when you know your friend is getting good care and a lot of love.

If your dog needs comprehensive training, it’s a good idea to leave it to an expert, especially if the dog has any behavior issues or needs more reinforcement. Some people choose to board their dog while they’re away to take advantage of a full training schedule in a stress-free environment. You can reinforce what your dog has learned with one-on-one private coaching with your dog and the trainer when you return.

To see just how much our adorable canine friends love spending time in our playgroups, check out these videos of some of our best friends.