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Citizen Canine: A Dog’s Dream World

When you work long hours or take off on vacation, your dog is often left behind. Citizen Canine at is here to keep your dog stimulated and rested while you are away. Whether you need daycare or long-term boarding, we have facilities catering to every dog need. Dog daycare in Oakland, California has never been easier!

Daycare Highlights

Dogs have complex needs to keep them stress-free. Along with play, and other stimulation, they need personal time for rest and rejuvenation. With our highly-trained staff, we evaluate each dog’s enthusiasm and group them for socializing exercises. If you have a shy dog, it’s no problem! Grouping other shy dogs together brings out their personality for healthy mental stimulation. Our Dog daycare in Oakland supports this busy city’s dog lovers with high staff-to-dog ratios so that no canine is left out.

Overnight Boarding

Dog daycare in Oakland extends into nighttime with our luxurious overnight amenities. With elevated beds in climate-controlled rooms, dogs have their version of a fancy hotel. Feel confident that your pet is having the time of his life when you board with Citizen Canine. Our 6,000 square feet of yards provides all the stimulation necessary for a fun overnight, including tunnels, pools and toys. Our overnight staff is fully trained in emergency procedures for the comfort and safety of all dogs.

Visit us at for all your dog daycare needs. We strive to care for each dog as our own.