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Citizen Canine: Daycare

Whether you go out of town on vacation or you need someone to watch your dog through the day while you’re at work, a dog daycare is an option. These are facilities that are similar to a daycare for a child, but they provide care for a dog. Some locations might have restrictions on the sizes and breeds of dogs, and there could be some limits on how long the dog can stay there, so it’s best to ask before making a final decision.

Many daycares will offer a day that is full of fun, love and care for the dog. The staff is often trained to help in teaching commands while making sure the dog receives food, water and attention. There are usually times when the dogs at the daycare will play with each other. Mental and physical stimulation are often provided so that your pet won’t simply be watched during the day.

You can sometimes watch your dog if the daycare has a video camera set up in the building. Most facilities have food and treats, but you can usually provide your own if there is something specific your pet enjoys. There is often constant water access as well as toys that the dogs can play with while they aren’t with other dogs in the daycare. Some centers have a schedule for the dogs to follow, similar to what you might find at a preschool for children. The dogs will arrive in the morning, have time to socialize and then receive some kind of individual play with the members of the staff. Naps are a part of the daily routine. There are some centers, such as Citizen Canine, that have a low ratio of dogs to trainers. This allows for the special attention that your dog might need while you are away from home.