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Citizen Canine Offers Much More Than Just Dog Walking In Oakland

Finally, Oakland has a truly unique dog day care center that understands the needs of each individual dog, and that can provide the kind of high quality pet care that pet owners want and deserve for their beloved pets. Citizen Canine works with owners to provide experiences for dogs that are safe and stimulating, tapping into their instincts as pack animals and giving them lots of fun and exercise with other dogs, as well as alone time and relaxation for stress reduction.

The dedicated staff at Citizen Canine can provide superb, controlled stimulation for the adventurous, high-energy dog with 90 minutes of exploration of some of the best places for hiking with pets that the East Bay has to offer. Our dog walkers in Oakland transport the dogs to the hiking location in a comfortable, custom-made van where each one is crated individually during the trip. Once at the location, the dogs are lead along pathways that were specially selected to bring dogs the most rewarding experiences.

While there are a lot of dog walkers in Oakland, Citizen Canine provides so much more than simply walking dogs. For example specialized dog training sessions are available to help keeps dogs safer and better behaved. The methods employed embrace each dog’s individual characteristics and personality types, and help modify them into acceptable behaviors that make both the dog and the owner happy.

We pay close attention to the individual needs of each animal offers sensitive dogs extra gentle care, while, at the same time, provides an extra dose of mental stimulation for frisky dogs. Among the many outstanding services offered by Citizen Canines are overnight boarding, potty walks and T-Touch, a relaxing massage technique used for senior pets who need soothing, as well as first time boarders who tend to be nervous. The company has dedicated playtimes and even training sessions that teach dogs to be more agile.