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Citizen Canine – The Ultimate Doggie Service Provider

Founded in 2000 by Tina Merrill, Citizen Canine’s committed and trained staff members demonstrate undeniable care for both dogs and dog owners. By providing a safe place for doggie daycare, long-term boarding, along with an assortment of healthy services – such as adventure hikes – this company fulfills a dog owner’s primary concern: the dog’s overall well-being. The staff of Citizen Canine is truly focused on the safety and general welfare of dogs, and is a prime candidate for anyone needing doggie care.

Among its services, this company offers the highest staff-to-dog ratios in the area, providing exceptional daycare for dogs of any temperament. Notably, Citizen Canine provides an enriching blend of playtime and down time, which encourages positive behavior while strengthening the overall social experience. Overnight boarding is yet another service offered through Citizen Canine, which provides dogs a personalized overnight experience. With over 6,000 square feet of play space – including tunnels, toys, and pools – any pup is sure to be pleased. An assortment of activities are offered to dogs daily, whether the dog is a part of the daycare program, or if the pup is staying overnight. Staff ensures each dog experiences the best type of activity. While some require introduction of new skills through ‘Training Fun,’ others may be more adventurous. For dogs that need ‘Extra Play Time,’ activities such as adventure hikes are offered, allowing more active dogs the opportunity to run off some energy.

Citizen Canine is a committed and knowledgeable company with a primary concern for the well-being of dogs. Whether a dog needs a place to stay for the day, or even overnight, Citizen Canine provides activities with a dog’s necessities in mind. Doggie care is an essential aspect of dog ownership, and Citizen Canine offers excellent services to dogs of any disposition or size.