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Citizen Canine: Where Dogs Are King

Looking for dog boarding in Oakland? Don’t settle for a kennel when Citizen Canine offers a hotel-like overnight experience for your furry family member. There are no cages at Citizen Canine; just climate-controlled private rooms where you dog will sleep on a raised bed. You can bring along your dog’s toys or a favorite blanket to help him or her sleep, but few dogs have trouble sleeping after a fun-filled day at Citizen Canine.

After a day filled with customized playtime with friends, splash time, belly rubs and an adventure hike, your dog will sleep like a baby. Never worry about your dog being alone at Citizen Canine; a human is always available, 24 hours a day.

Enjoy peace of mind when you have to go out-of-town. Your best friend will be having the time of his or her life at Citizen Canine, getting an in-room massage, sliding down doggy slides and exploring tunnels with specially selected playmates.

Besides dog boarding in Oakland, Citizen Canine offers doggy daycare. While you’re at work, your dog will socialize with other dogs that are similar in age, size and temperament. Small social groups allow playful, active dogs to mingle with other dogs that are eager to play, while senior dogs can enjoy relaxing in the sun with like-minded friends. There’s naptime too, so your dog will enjoy the same things he or she enjoys at home, except in day care, your dog gets to meet new humans and canines.

It’s stressful to leave your dog while you travel, but knowing your best friend is staying at a hotel where dogs are treated like royalty, does help. You can always call and see how your furry friend is making out, but don’t expect your dog to come to the phone. He or she will probably be too busy to take your call.