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Citizen Canine’s Doggie Daycare & More

When you make the decision to bring your dog to Citizen Canine, you will see that your pet is treated like family. There are several services offered, and the staff is trained to handle dogs of all sizes when providing the services.

Overnight boarding is one service that clients enjoy because it will allow you to leave your pet in a safe environment while you go away on vacation for one night or several weeks. All dogs will stay in a private room so that they have space to sleep and play if they wake up in the middle of the night. Each room is climate controlled. The adorable beds are raised off the floor to make it seem like your furry friend is staying in a hotel. Before bed, your pet will have the opportunity to play with the other dogs at the facility. There are numerous toys, slides and pools for pets to enjoy, and they will often tire themselves while playing. Healthy meals are served during the day, and dogs have plenty of water in their rooms. While you are gone, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet because there are staff members who stay at Citizen Canine overnight.

If you don’t need overnight care, then try the daycare services provided. Your dog receives positive mental and physical stimulation while you are at work during the day or if you want our dog to socialize with other dogs. Our facility has the highest ratio of staff to dogs in the area. We alternate play and rest through the day so that you will have a happy pet when it’s time to go home.

Another option is customized activities. These include the training classes that you might think about. We go beyond the typical training to include agility and strength sessions as well as advanced lessons where we teach your dog to wave or leave an object in one place.