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Citizen Canine’s Top Seven Tips For Keeping Rover Safe, Comfortable And Cool This Summer

Some summer fun activities may turn into a nightmare scenario for the family and your furry companion if the following tips are not rigorously kept this summer. They are easy to follow and have long rewarding results for every member of the family–especially Rover!

  • Contact Info: Always keep your family vet’s phone number and address on hand for an unforeseen emergency. Also, keep a list and reserved supply of any medications presently being given to your pet.
  • Heat Strokes: Watch out for any symptoms of heat strokes. Some of the most common symptoms of overheating are increased and excessive panting, difficulty in breathing, seizures, bloody diarrhea and even a complete or partial collapse.
  • Shade: Always look for shaded areas, and have abundant supplies of fresh, cool, clean water on hand.
  • No Snacking: Avoid all raisins, grapes, nuts, onions and chocolates–these are not doggie friendly!
  • Absolutely No Parking for Rover! Even in the shade with open windows a parked vehicle quickly turns into a sweltering inferno. If you wouldn’t do it for a baby, don’t do it for your furry friend.
  • Walking On The Hot Side: Be careful to not walk your pet on hot cement sidewalks as they can burn his padded paws and cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Our professional dog walkers in Oakland always are sensitive to sidewalk heat problems during summer months.
  • No Aquatics: Keep Rover away from the water or closely monitor him. Not all dogs swim well, so don’t take a chance. If you must, wrap a flotation device securely around his body before entering the water.

We at Citizen Canine greatly appreciate your patronage, but we love your dog even more. As one of the top best professional dog walkers in Oakland, please help us keep Rover or Queenie healthy and safe this summer by bearing in mind the above seven tips and advice.