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Introducing Doggie Valet, Curbside Pickup/Drop Off

Doggie Valet is simple:

Drop off anytime between 7am - 9am

1. Pull up to the valet stand
2. Allow a member of our team to leash your dog with one of our leads/leashes
3. Let us know if he/she will need breakfast, lunch, or dinner and/or will be pampered with any extra sessions today (extra play, love session, training or bath)
4. Then off you go; we will take care of the rest

Pickup anytime between 5pm - 7pm

1. Give us a call when you are on your way to Citizen Canine
2. We will prepare for pickup and bring your dog out to the valet stand
3. We will place your pup in your car and remove our lead
4. Let us know if you require any other reservations and we will be happy to schedule them for you

If you need to drop off or pick up outside the scheduled hours, or if no one is at the stand, just give us a ring (510) 562-1570 and someone will be out to assist you immediately.

Citizen Canine dog valets