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Day Care For Dogs

As all pet owners know, no matter how much we love our dogs, we cannot take them with us when we travel or when we are away all day at work. That is why dog day care is important.
During the time spent in dog day care, the staff become substitute owners of your dog.
Founded in 2000, Citizen Canine is a great choice for a boarding facility for your dog. It is easily located near Oakland International Airport in the Bay area.
Citizen Canine provides overnight facilities or longer times when the owners are on vacation.
Dogs in this day care center enjoy a perfect balance of playtime and rest with the highest ratio of staff to dogs in the Bay Area to ensure that all dogs receive proper attention and care.
Activities for dogs in Citizen Canine include massage and teaching dogs new tricks from simple basics to advanced. With the consent of the owner,this dog day care center has dog training programs for people who don’t have the time to train their dogs personally. The facility has beginner and advanced training programs run by professional dog trainers.
Many of the staff at Citizen Canine have formal educations in such fields as dog obedience, behavior and veterinary science.
In Citizen Canine, dogs are separated according to size, age amd temperment to allow maximum compatiblity and comfort for all of the dogs. For the dogs, Citizen Canine has climate controlled rooms, 6000 feet square feet of indoor and outdoor play area and soundproof rooms to give dogs peaceful rest periods.
In applying their dogs for Citizen Canine, owners are asked to fill out an evaluation form for themselves and thier dog. Based on the application form, the evaluator must decide if the dog is a good fit for the facility and it’s programs.
Among the clientele who leave their dogs at Citizen Canine are trainers, police, firefighters and veterinarians.