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DIY Dog Grooming

Taking your dog to a professional groomer can produce fantastic results in terms of a clean, shiny coat trimmed to perfection, an exacting manicure, and clean, healthy teeth. Unfortunately, it can also come with a major price tag and frequent trips. The good news is that you can do a lot of the routine grooming work yourself with the help of a few guidelines.

Being Insensitive
Before anything else, dogs should be comfortable with various grooming activities. This is a simple matter if you’re starting with a young puppy. If the dog is older and hasn’t been extensively groomed, they’ll need be acclimated to it. This might be done by starting with short sessions and gradually extending them, providing treats all the while. If this doesn’t work or you’re uncertain, professional dog training in Alameda and surrounding communities can do the trick.

Different Breeds, Different Needs
A basic rule of thumb for brushing a dog’s coat to keep it clean and unmatted is the longer the hair, the more often it needs it, from once a day to once every three or four weeks. Moving on to bathing, a shampoo designed for a particular fur length and texture along with skin type should be used. Bathing should never be more than once a month for even the most dedicated indoor dog.

Not Too Much
Whether it’s trimming fur or nails, it’s important not to get carried away. It might seem like long-haired dogs would enjoy short hair in summer, but their coats also help insult them from the heat and block sunlight that can easily burn their un-pigmented skin. Dogs usually don’t like having their paws handled, often requiring the need of dog training in Alameda and the larger San Francisco Bay region. Dog’s nails should only be trimmed so they’re level with the paw’s bottom. Trimming any further risks bleeding from hitting the quick.